Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous
By Penny Haslam

How to power up your profile and get known for what you do

Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous

Three great reasons to buy Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous

Do you see others getting out there, attracting the kind of attention you wish you could get?

If so, you need to Make Yourself a Little Bit Famous! Jam-packed with stories, advice, case studies and encouragement.

In today's noisy marketplace, it's crucial you find ways to get noticed.

But do you shy away from the spotlight for fear of feeling like an idiot or looking like a show-off?

Penny shares pro-tips on:

Getting on TV and radio and acing your appearances. Bossing it as a speaker and when you present. Shining when you take part in or chair a panel discussion.

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Steph McGovern

"Quite simply the best advice to help you attract attention for your business or career."

Steph McGovern, Broadcaster
Paul McGee

"Practical, digestible and deliverable ideas to help raise your profile and increase your success."

Paul McGee, Sunday Times Best Selling Author
Natasha Johnson

"The information in this book would cost you a fortune if you were getting this advice in person."

Natasha Johnson, Celebrants Collective
Nikki Jay

"The funniest and most important read of the year!"

Nikki Jay
Martin Bamford

"It’s packed with useful tips. Get a copy if you need to raise your profile."

Martin Bamford
Cathy Madavan

"Genuinely brilliant!"

Cathy Madavan
Ginny Carter

"Packed to the rafters with valuable information and techniques."

Gwen Backhouse
ginny carter

"Penny is such a fun writer! It turns out anyone can be a little bit famous."

Ginny Carter

"Wow! A great book to make impact in your work, career and life!"

David Yeabsley

"Brilliant book, can’t recommend it highly enough."

Janine Woodcock
Panel Discussions Book

NEW from Penny Haslam! Panel Discussions Book

The ultimate guide to moderating and appearing on panel discussions 
  • Prepare for success and drive a dynamic panel discussion, as a moderator.
  • Confidently share your expertise and insight as a relatable and memorable panellist.
  • Engage your audience and speak so people listen, both from the stage and through the camera lens.


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